What to Look for in a Commercial Painter

The facade of your Auckland commercial building is one of the first things clients notice about your business. That is why you must ensure it always looks clean and well-maintained. 

However, commercial painting is not a DIY job. You need to hire professional commercial painters to get satisfying results. 

Unfortunately, not all Auckland commercial painters are the same. You need to find reliable commercial painters. Otherwise, you will be risking the safety and appearance of your Auckland building. 

With so many commercial painters, choosing the right one can be difficult. This guide will help you understand what to look for when hiring commercial painters:


Painting a commercial building is not as easy as painting a room in your Auckland home. On the contrary, it is a much larger and more complex project. That is why you need to hire experienced commercial painters in Auckland. They will be more skilled at doing the job correctly. 

Experienced commercial painters in Auckland know how to use special equipment to reach difficult areas. They also understand how to handle different types of surfaces. 

However, these skills are beyond the skill set of most amateur painters. They can cause severe damage to your Auckland commercial building. 

At Ten10, we offer the best professional interior and exterior commercial painting and washing services in Auckland. Our team of commercial painters have decades of experience. 

With us, you will get the best of both worlds—the experience of a large commercial painting service and the attention to detail of a small one. 


Any commercial painting project normally involves the use of elevated work platforms or scaffolding. Without the proper safety measures in place, commercial painters can get seriously injured. 

That is why, at Ten10, we always put safety first. Any medium or high residual risks for our Auckland team of commercial painters or our clients is unacceptable. 


Communication with your Auckland commercial painters is vital, like any renovation project, the results can be disastrous if you and your professional commercial painters are not on the same page. That is why, at Ten10, we take pride in being easy to deal with.

Our Auckland commercial painters always listen and understand our clients’ needs. There is no bureaucracy or extra chain of command to annoy you.


Many Auckland commercial buildings do not close completely during a painting project. That is why you need commercial painters with flexible working hours. This will ensure minimal disruption for your business and staff. 

Being in commercial painting for years, we understand the need for flexibility. That is why our Auckland commercial painters carefully map the workflow of any project. 

They can work day or night or even during the weekends. That is how we balance getting the job done quickly with minimal disturbance to business interruptions. 

Choose only the best commercial painters in Auckland for your project. Contact us today!


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