About us

How Ten10 started. What we take pride in.
And why that should matter to you.

Ten10 is a proud ‘small-big’ commercial painting company. We provide the systems, expertise and experience of a large operation while delivering service with attention to detail and individual responsibility of a small one.

New Zealand’s property owners, managers and occupants deserve buildings and other major assets that look good and are well protected. With a small and expert team, we can make a big difference.
"It’s about far more than just doing ‘enough’ for today. We always care about how our job will be seen years after it was done."
Julio Rezende,
Technical Operations Lead

While Ten10 is a relatively new company the experience behind the brand is considerable. Working together since 2003, Ben and Richard Waite built the National Group brand to where it was well-recognised and reputable New Zealand commercial painting company.

Building a process-focused, values-driven mindset at National was a big priority for Ben. His work in operations predominantly focusing on establishing the important accreditation systems and installing a friendly, supportive and inclusive culture.

Now, with a need for localised and specialised painting work in Auckland and the upper North Island, Ben and his tight-knit team have stepped forward with a dedicated operation purpose-built for the northern market.

Allowing the new brand to focus specific skillsets on key geographic areas provides greater responsiveness and ownership from a local team. It also provides this team with much-needed time with their families as there’s no excessive time spent on the road at projects around the country. This best-of-both-worlds style is at the heart of Ten10.

“Our approach has always been small company service, big company systems,” says Ben. “It means our clients get attentive, needs-met service.”

As a small company the personal reputations of our team are at stake on every job we do. Our company culture celebrates work ethic and standards excellence.

For Ben the unrelenting focus on standards is part professional pride, part pragmatic operations experience and part simple common sense.

“The standards we set and maintain are those we’re judged by,” he says. “Many of our competitors seem content with a 70% effort, their ‘close enough is good enough’ approach allowing them to churn and burn jobs.”

“I just can’t stand that. You should always be proud of the work you’ve put in.”

In our highly focused processes, our standards (and, yes, our name), it could be said we’re a ‘paint by numbers’ company. However, we certainly don’t employ ‘paint by numbers’ people. Everyone uses their initiative working as Ten10 champions. Everyone understands the value they bring – and the responsibility they have.

“We plan to deliver a ten out of ten performance, which means I always have to be the best version of myself in every task I take on,” Technical Operations Lead Julio Rezende says. “Our standards are high, but the results are worth it.”

There’s a lot that goes into things behind the scenes ensuring this peace of mind, with scoping if the work is the ‘right fit’ for our expertise and capability an initial priority.

“We like to say that if we can’t make it (the work) a ten, then we won’t even start it,” says Julio.

Ben agrees, stating that the ambition is always for “quality over quantity”. “We don’t want to take over the world. For me and the team, we just want to do a bloody good job, day in, day out.”

“Our approach has always been small company service, big company systems.”

Meet the team

Ben Waite

Director of Operations

The one thing I always have to get right is meeting client expectations. We need to do the job right first time without incidents. The wider industry seems ok with 70% success. Not us!

What makes your team special?
We’ve got that perfect blend of the right people and right systems. They are highly trained and accountable for their outcomes.

What do I love doing in my time off?

Nicky Williams

Operations Team Lead

The best part of any project is the journey and the people! For me, the most exciting part of any project is the collaboration and knowledge-sharing with everyone working towards a goal.

Ten10 is different from other companies because of the culture. The need to ensure the team knows their safety and wellbeing is a top priority for Ten10, gives individuals the confidence to know they are always supported.

What do you love doing in your time off?
Spending time with my partner and daughter, going to F45 Swanson and heading down to Whitianga to see my family.


Aaron Walker

Project Delivery Leader

The best part of any project is seeing your vision and plan come to fruition.

The one thing I always want to get right is to hold to my values.

How do you think Ten10 is different from other companies?
The awareness of what to do in order to build healthy and thriving culture.

What do you love doing in your time off:
Recharging all my gauges of life, gym, running, reading books, listening to music and podcasts.


Ingrid Nicolson

Projects Supervisor

What skills are required for you to do your job correctly?
Effective communication and problem solving to ensure project deliverables are met.

The best part of any project is when we get to see the planning and preparation created by a well organised and harmonious team.

I wanted to work at Ten10 because of how the company pays particular interest to the culture here. They take the time to consider how individuals’ skills will work together as a group.

Taylor Bignall

Projects Coordinator

The best part of any project is not just the outcome but the steps it takes to get there. I love seeing projects come together successfully. 

How is Ten10 different from other companies?
Company culture is important, and it’s something Ten10 do well. Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.

What do you love doing in your time off?
Simply taking some time out to just switch off and relax.

David Queiroz

Senior Team Leader

Ten10 is different from other companies because of our planning, communication, and persistent focus on the safety of employees and customers.

What do you love doing in your time off?
Training at the gym, singing, playing some instruments, and reading.

Do you have any unique achievements in life that you are proud of?
My wife and daughter – family is important!

Israel Inacio

Senior Team Leader

What skills are required for you to do your job correctly?
Focus, discipline and communication.

What are you proud of? 
Learning a second language living abroad in a multicultural country.

What do you love doing in your time off? 
Watching movies, hiking, travelling, playing chess.

Jose Garcia

Senior Team Leader

What skills are required for you to do your job correctly?
An attitude to improve always. You need a mindset to keep specialist training in order to deliver the very best result on all the different jobs.

The best part of any project is when you’ve finished the job exactly according to the plan.

What do you love doing in your time off?
Spending quality time with family and friends.

Luciano De Oliveria

Senior Team Leader

What are your goals for the work at Ten10?
To achieve all the project objectives efficiently and safely.

The one thing I always want to get right is making sure we have done a great job and met the customers’ expectations.

What skills are required for you to do your job correctly?
Focus, patience and communication.


Nicolo Ravago

Senior Team Leader

The best part of any project is being safe all the time and working hard to meet the client’s expectation.

I love it at work when I know everyone is looking out for each other, when we’re not just ‘working’ but really enjoying it. Working here has really taught me the importance of a good quality service – to value the work and the satisfaction the client has in both how we work and the results we deliver.

During my time off I spend my valuable time to improve myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Our values

Some companies will set and forget their principles, giving little thought to important ethics that should drive their work. Not us – we live and breathe our values. The four central statements below inform every aspect of our operation. Each is expected within the daily work of every Ten10 team member.

We uphold safety and maintain standards

We don’t cut corners and we don’t accept risk for our team or our clients. The right way is the only way.

We collaborate
and elevate

Only by working together and boosting each other up can we achieve enduring success for our clients, our people, our company and our communities.

We take responsibility
for our work

No matter what our role or what we’re working on, we always take ownership. If something’s not right then it’s our job to fix it.

We are 100% Ten10

Our work ethic is what separates us from our competitors. With energy and commitment, diligence and integrity, we set the benchmark which all others follow.